Friday, February 1, 2008

Emilie and the Fonz!

We raced through January and here we are already in February. Emilie is playing indoor soccer, Paul is playing basketball and poor Nicolas is wishing he could do both. Paul has been drafted to the Giants and practice starts Sunday. We aren't big SF Giants fans, but since Bonds is headed for the big house and Paul is playing on a Little League team named after the SF Giants, I guess it's okay to wear orange and black. Emilie has not found out what team she is on. Will keep you all updated and post a schedule link as soon as it becomes available.

You've all been wondering what this Fonzi stuff is all about....Em and Eric attended a GS father/daughter dance and the theme was the 50's, so...


Anonymous said...

Looks as if both played their roles very well! What fun!!!
Auntie M--

Anonymous said...

Love the outfits, especially the poodle skirt. Rock around the clock....Love you guys...Auntie Vicki