Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Very Lucky Erickson Family!

We had a wonderful time with Auntie Martha and Uncle Chuck. They got a glimpse of our little circus family. (I hope that you two have recovered from your adventure :-). We visited the ocean, Wilder Ranch State Park, Henry Cowell State Park, Seymour Marine Lab, watched a men's softball game (pretty much as exciting as watching golf on TV), and the boys played a lot of golf. Almost forgot, we saw Thomas the Tank Engine. Even though my kids are not thrilled with Thomas, it was still fun to see him on the trestle. Chuck, Sandy has not been the same since you left!


Anonymous said...

It was a great trip. We were outside more in one week than I am in any two months - even with golf once a week and mowing the yard.

I really enjoyed the kids. Sandy's attention really wore me out.

Thanks for letting us upset your whole routine for the week. I loved every part of it.

Uncle Chuck

Anonymous said...

Well, I had a great time, as well. I think the top of my head has finally recovered from sunburn. I as so glad we made the trip and hope we can do it again sometime soon. Thanks, again, for everything.

colleen mary said...

Hurray for pictures! I have yet to see any from the parents... hopefully they'll share soon!

(I'm still incredibly jealous... Hopefully sometime not too far away I can sneak out for a visit, too!)

Anonymous said...

What fun you all had. Great to see Martha and Chuck and the rest of you in the photos.