Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, Congratulations and Thank You!

This year, instead of doing our traditional white elephant party, Big Nick came up with the idea of going to Buca de Beppo's for dinner. Way more fun than a WE at home (and I didn't have to clean the house)! Thanks Nick and Kate for the wonderful smiles!
Thanks Big Nick for making my kids laugh!Singing "Happy Birthday" at least four times. We weren't celebrating a birthday, just singing for others. Uncle Mike got a "singing" too for picking up the dinner tab. Thanks Uncle Mike! We even stopped for a "singing" on the way out the door. Good ol' sober fun!Ticking off the waiter by asking him for more cream. He then brought the whole container from his station and plopped it on the table. Thanks for the great service Mr. Waiter...not!Ordering the dessert sampler for $30 (we all dug in...oink oink!). We were set on ordering a whole red velvet cake, but Ms. Waitress told us the sampler was much better. Thanks Ms. Waitress.
Congratulations Mike and Jen on your marriage!
Thank you Mike and Jen for dinner!
Thank you crazy family, we had a great time. I love my Italian (and non-Italian) family!


Anonymous said...

This was so much fun, great photos Patti. Did we laugh or what? Not too mention the singing....continuous singing. I love you...AV

Emilie said...

I had fun . THANKS for taking a picture ( grochy one ) you .FROM EMILIE P.S ...