Friday, February 20, 2009

Trifecta 2009!

Since the Erickson Trifecta is almost over, I thought it was high time to post. The Erickson Trifecta is a week long celebration of three things...
1.)Valentine's day (corny, but fun),
2.)Our anniversary (celebrating 16!) This picture was taken at our graduation from engineering school, 4 years before our wedding. Can you tell it was the 80's?
and 3.) my birthday (you didn't know my mom was actually Marilyn Monroe, did you?)!
The Trifecta was especially fun this year because Eric was home from work for the week (mandatory time off...he worked from home almost every day). Oh, and baseball!We'll polish off the Trifecta with dinner @ Buca di Beppo with the family.


Anonymous said...

LOVE, love, love the photos! The graduation and your baby pic are truly a walk down memory lane. I remember your mom's hair like that! I remember thinking how beautiful and stylish it was!

Happy birthday tomorrow. Have a wonderful celebration.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Buca was too much ya..AV