Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a Long One!

To start off...Happy Birthday (a day late) to my big lovebug, Eric! 43 and still looks 23...amazing!
We had a very full weekend with baseball, Nicolas' birthday party, family birthday party for Nicolas, Eric, Nick and Kate, Girl Scout Bridging ceremony for Emilie and baseball practice. Phew!
Auntie Stephanie brought cupcakes to our BBQ. Wonderfully delicious and beautiful too! Look for more excitement from Auntie Stephanie...coming soon!Nick and Kate also brought cupcakes...OWLS! So, so cute!Oh, and here is one of the creators of the owl cupcakes. Does this guy look like he could create such cute and cuddly cupcakes?Emilie is now a Junior Girl Scout. Yikes, she is growing so quickly!
Here are my marshmallow pops that I made to bring to the Girl Scout potluck. I love making these...they look like a million bucks, but are so quick and easy to make.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like so much fun! What a cupcake weekend. Can't wait to hear all of the stories. Such a creative family.....Luv U.... AV