Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This One Is For You Paul...

We interrupt our regularly scheduled family news for this...

Giants call up Posey, Runzler
In a dramatic about-face, the Giants have purchased the contract of 2008 first-round pick Buster Posey, who will be in Philadelphia for tonight's game, GM Brian Sabean told The Chronicle.

The move is prompted by Bengie Molina's lingering quadriceps strain. He has not started a game since the series in Colorado, and team officials have been sending signals that they are frustrated with Molina's unwillingness to play through the injury in a pennant race.
Posey is not expected to start tonight's game, also Brad Penny's first start for the Giants. But the Giants felt they had to abandon their plans to wait for 2010 on Posey because of a catcher shortage.

In last night's 1-0 loss, Pablo Sandoval batted for Eli Whiteside. Molina then pinch-hit for pitcher Brandon Medders. Had the Giants tied the game or gone ahead, it was unclear who would have caught the bottom of the ninth, Molina or Ryan Garko. Molina has said he wants the quad to be healed before he catches again lest he injure it worse and misses even more time.
Posey had a terrific minor-league season. He batted .326 in 80 games at Class A San Jose and .321 in 35 games at Triple-A Fresno, and combined for 18 homers and 80 RBIs.

The Giants also decided to bring up left-handed reliever Dan Runzler, a 23-year-old reliever and ninth-round pick in 2007, to provide another weapon against the many left-handed bats the Giants must face down the stretch. Runzler rose from low Class A Augusta, Ga., to Double-A Connecticut. He walked 22 batters and struck out 77 in 54 1/3 innings.
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