Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Christmas Home Tour

Just a snippet of our home at Christmas time.  Decor changes year to year, but we consistently stay with red and apple green.  We put up our massive 12 ft artificial tree and long story short....I started having some freaky symptons (same as last year at this time), googled artificial tree off-gassing, freaked out again, took the fake tree down, went to Home Depot to buy a real tree, put new tree up, donated 12ft fake tree and symptoms are gone.  We are now a real tree @ Christmas family.  The photo shown below is of our fake tree (will post real tree soon).  My kitchen table decor is simply 3 Dollar Tree placemats (in apple green) stiched togther, two candles and a poinsettia in a spray painted tin.  Easy and cheap.

My happy flying Santa with my vintage aircraft sign in my newly painted hutch!  Love it! Family room. 
Sandy even got a Christmas pillow.

Our kitchen with mod valence made from Dollar Tree garland on a spring rod.  Our "Celebrate" painted red for Christmas!

And, the real reason we celebrate Christmas....Jesus!  Our nativity takes such a small space in our house, but is huge in our life. 
Wishing you all a very
Merry Christmas! 
May you know the
love and peace of Jesus!


sara said...

everything looks beautiful! I love the pillows on the couch...and the kitchen valance- CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Your home is simply darling! I'm curious though, do those white cabinets on your wall in the living room house your TV?