Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remember December 2009...Warning...Long Post!

I was going to post these last, but Blogger is not my friend right now, so here goes. These mice bride and groom ornaments were given to Eric and me 17 years ago (1992) by my mom as a pre-wedding gift. They have always had a special place on our tree. Fast forward to 2007 with Emilie and my mom on their yearly craft fair adventures. They found some cute mice ornaments at a local craft fair in a senior mobile home park. When the mice arrived home and were put on the tree, we noticed a similar "build" between the 1992 mice and the 2007 mice. In 2008 when my mom and Emilie were touring Christmas craft fairs, they found the mice again at the same mobile home park. This time, they spoke to Thelma, the lady responsible for the cute mice, and sure enough, she was making mice way back in 1992. What a thrill. This year, I was not able to go to her craft fair, so I called her and asked if I could have a private "mouse" showing. Thelma invited us over that afternoon, but warned me that her house was a mess and the mice were just in a box. In turn I warned her that I had 3 kids with me, but that did not bother her. We arrived to find all her mice carefully standing on her coffee table and her house was immaculate. Emilie and Nicolas were with me as well as Kiley, Emilie's friend from school. She invited the kids to sit on the couch so that they could see all her creations. She sat across from the kids so that she could see their response to her mice. Such a sweet, humble and creative lady. Next year, I will get a photo of her with her mice. And, she sells her mice for $5 each. We left happy with 8 mice in our car! Here are ar few that we have collected.Last year was the first year that I documented our 25 Days of Christmas. My inspiration last year was Ali Edwards. This year, my inspiration is Stephanie of Homegrown Hospitality. Accountability is wonderful!
Here is the completed project from last year which sits on our coffee table. This morning during Eric's quiet time (I have to add that he turned on the Christmas tree lights too) he picked it up and read it from cover to cover. He was thrilled and I was thrilled that my "not so mushy-gushy" husband enjoyed it.
I am behind the "Christmas documenting" curve, but I am documenting our days with words and photos. I purchased all my supplies some time ago and spent under $20 for everything. Got to love Walmart clearance, Big Lots, Ross and the Dollar Tree. Here's my loot...check out Sandy's nose. She's always looking to get into a photo or to eat some chipboard!Here is our Christmas tree (photo from last year), our 12' tree that I purchase on super clearance at OSH almost 3 years ago for the price of $20. It was originally a $400 tree. It is a pain in the patootie to put up and I fuss that the only thing I like about it is the price tag is decorated. It is a lovely once it is all dressed.Here is my "not so mushy-gushy" husband helping with the assembly and finding the dead bulbs. He has grown to love the Christmas preparations. Thank God for that!
This is a shot I got at Walmart. $65 for a cut tree that is 5' shorter than mine. Ha!Our very own Nativity scene. Nicolas as Joseph, Emilie as Mary and a leftover doll as Jesus! Happy Day! Canine shot. She loves the red Christmas rug! Me in the Walmart parking lot.


sara said...

First I love the cute little mice ornaments!

Your Christmas journal book is amazing!!!! I am so inspired to make my own!

And I have that same Martha Stewart paper- love that it is 2 sided.

And lastly, your tree is gorgeous!!!

Eva said...

Love the picture in the mirror :-). I thought I would come by and introduce myself since we are in both in Karen's class in January... looks like we are sisters {I'm a child of God also}. I am also a wife, mother of 4, daughter, sister, friend, dog owner, teacher and photographer. Merry Christmas.