Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On The Boardwalk...Down By The Sea

One day into spring break and the kids got ants in their pants.  We visited the SC Beach Boardwalk on Saturday before Easter and it was a mad house.  Four trips around the block looking for a metered parking spot (because I wasn't about to pay $11 to park in a lot) and "bingo" we found one pretty close.  Our intentions were to just play video games in the arcade and turn in our prize tickets that we had been collecting for the last couple of years, but we ended up strolling the boardwalk, eating ice cream cones, corn dogs and drinking lemonade.  Paul decided he wanted to try to knock the clown's teeth down for $3.  He knocked them all down and won the big prize.  The little kids also wanted to get a prize, so they quickly took out their $3 and handed it over to Paul.  Winner!  Winner!  They all left with junk food in their bellies and a stuffed animal in their arms.  Fun day at the Boardwalk!


sara said...

cute pictures!

Colleen said...

I love the boardwalk!!! long as nobody takes me upside-down...