Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz Cinco de Mayo and Thank You Pioneer Woman!

My only shot that has a Mexican flair.  I know it looks more like day of the dead, but big whoop, I love it.  Paul and Eric are in Mexico on a missions trip...mixing cement, loving on kids and sharing God's love.  Makes my heart sing.
The four of us (yes, I am including the canine in the count) are home keeping normal life moving along.  Baseball, homework, a little photography, trip to the beach and a whole lotta goofing around.  We miss the boys!  Hurry home El Guapo and El Guapo Jr.
I've been balking at the whole "Photoshop" idea and trying to get a really great shot straight out of camera. The Pioneer Woman has recently added Photoshop Elements actions to her free list of actions. I used PW's "boost" on the above and I used "boost" and "slight sharp" on the shot of Emilie below. I might be starting to like this Photoshop thing.

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