Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Too Shabby for a Monday!

Emilie's MRI of her brain and spine came back negative, but she is still extremely weak in her legs.  She can stand for short periods with her knees locked, but still can not walk.  She is getting a second round of Immune Globulin therapy this afternoon to see if that can get her moving.  The docs are suspecting a chemo drug that they injected into her spine back on the 7th of June.  This cancer/chemo thing is chaos, BUT....our God is huge and in control even when our lives seem totally out of control.
Today was a wonderful day for Emilie.  It is the first time in five weeks that she actually wanted to eat and ordered a Taco Bell chicken taco for lunch AND she fed herself!  Woohoo!  I have been the food forcer for the last 5 weeks and it is so nice that she is actually feeding herself!  Her hair has been slowly falling out and at the same time beginning to look like Bob Marley's hair.  I did not want to comb out the tangles fearing that all her hair would come out.  We finally cut the dreadlocks out today and Emilie is now wearing her cute hats.  She is so okay with her hair loss and has been admiring her new look in the mirror all afternoon.  She is such a courageous and strong kid.  I am blown away daily by her positive, perky attitude!


Unknown said...

Amazing...Emilie --> YOU are an inspiration to others! I think of you and your family daily. My best wishes to you all always!

Eva said...

So glad the MRI was negative. I still think of Emilie everyday and send up little prayers for her. What a precious heart she has.. being able to keep a positive outlook in all of this. God bless you!

Shanny said...

ALRIGHT, TACO BELL! :c) It's so exciting, and I bet it was the best Taco Bell anyone has ever had. :c)

We're cheering you on and praying for you BIG time. Erickson fam, you're such an inspiration. We love you!

PS- The hat is ADORABLE. Exceptional taste. ;c)

Auntie Vicki said...

Good morning, you look fabulous with your new look. Stylen girl! I will miss seeing you today with GMa and the boys. I will be there for a visit soon. Your strength is so inspiring. I am praying for you now from different couches. Can't wait to tap dance for you again. I am loving you Em. You are the best!
Hugs to your best mama too!