Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frosting and Supergirl

The final histocompatibility report is back. "Frosting" is a PERFECT match for "Supergirl", that is in phenotypes/genotypes.   Hopefully, Emilie will not need a bone marrow transplant, but if she does, Nicolas is her man!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emilie I'm on an airplane right now flying to New York. Everyone in NY freaking out because it might be raining tomorrow for our press conference. I say -- no worries we will rent a tent -- it's all good. I'm really trying to get everyone to go to Bobby Flay's restaurant afterwards. I get to hang out with the Mayor and some people from the White House. When I get back we will come visit. Caroline really wants to come see you -- so do I! There are two 2 year old twins on the plane and they have been screaming and crying the entire trip. That's all from Mrs. Mits!

Aunt Linda said...

I am away from home visiting with cousins Jon and Laura and Uncle Bob and Auntie Barbara, but check in as much as possible here to see what is new. I am thrilled to read that Nicolas is the perfect match...just in case. Still praying for you all daily.

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

The whole story behind Nicolas's unexpected arrival in your family many years ago and how it all makes sense now gave me chills. Amazing. Continuing with the prayers, as always. Much love to you all.

Jill said...

I just had to stop by after reading your kind comment on my blog...I wanted you to know I have added precious Emilie to my prayer thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time!
Many, Many Blessings and mountains of prayers!