Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plasmapheresis and Mr. Toad???

Just a quick update on Emilie and her legs.  After an additional MRI, the neurology and oncology teams have found some inflammation on Emilie's spinal nerves.  She will be undergoing plasmapheresis which is a filtering of her blood to get rid of her antibodies that are attacking her nerves.  She will have her first treatment this afternoon in the pediatric intensive care unit (which she is not happy about because it is too noisy) and the following four treatments in her room (which may not be our room tomorrow).  She will also be getting another lumbar puncture and a new line in her neck so that the plasmapheresis can be run at a fast rate.  We are hopeful that this will restore her legs to "soccer status" and are glad that her bone marrow test came back "good" so that chemo can be pushed out a few days.
So that is where we are on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
(The canine is an employee of LPCH and her name is Carly.  She is the sweetest dog ever and she knows exactly when Emilie needs a soft ear to rub!)


Shanny said...

Thanks for the update! Prayers & hugs continue from IL! Love you!

Melissa Nelson said...

Please tell Emilie I am thinking about her everyday! I have read all your updates and I'm so proud of her for being such a strong person throughout all of this.

I also have many friends thinking and praying for her.


Anonymous said...

Phew, that's a whole lot for one little body. She is such a tough kid. Let her know we are thinking about her and sending big prayers and positive thoughts her way every day. She is always in our thoughts and never far from our hearts. BIG HUGS. Thank you for the updates.
p.s. Carly is a cutie pie.
pps. hang in there Mama, I can only imagine how hard this all is on you too....