Friday, July 16, 2010

Supergirl and the Visitor

A couple days ago, Emilie had a special visitor.....our dog, Sandy. Emilie was so happy to see Sandy that she cried happy tears and Sandy was so happy to see Emilie that she jumped up on her lap. Very, very sweet. Thank you Eric for bringing Sandy to the hospital; you made Emilie's day!

Emilie started her second round of chemo today. The doctors are thinking that her leg paralysis is due to one of the chemo drugs that they gave her in her spine (intrathecal) during the last induction. She did not receive the intrathecal this phase, but is receiving the drug via IV at a lower dose. It is pretty scary, but she is being closely monitored by the neurologists as well as her oncology team. We have requested that the chemo be administered during the day when we are awake so that we can watch over her as well as having more medical activity on the floor. Please pray that the chemo treatments zap the leukemia and that Emilie does not react neurologically to the chemo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emilie: What a cute picture and I love your hat. We are hoping we can come see you on Tuesday. I'm going to email your mom early on Tuesday to see if you are up for visitors. We will bring something fun to do like my clean laundry to fold and or the contents of my junk drawer to organize. Those are my summer projects! Ok -- we will try and bring something more fun like I don't know what! We miss you and will see you soon. Mrs. Mits.

Auntie Martha said...

I am so glad to see that Sandy got to visit you Emilie! That had to be a fun time for both of you. What great photos! I love you Emiliy!
Lots of hugs, kisses, and prayers,
Auntie Martha

Anonymous said...

Emilie you look great. What a fabulous idea to bring Sandy for a visit. We are keeping our eyes on you from here trough the Internet. Praying that this round of chemotherapy shows the bad cells who is boss and gets you back on your feet again! Hugs from the Hiltons!!