Sunday, August 29, 2010

* 5 * Peeps * 12 * Times *

Here is our * 5 * Peeps * 12 * Times * photo for August.  I am super grateful to have another family photo!!  Emilie is still home (2 weeks as of tomorrow), fever free and doing well.  Her next chemo treatment is tentatively scheduled for Friday and her last LP showed that her spinal fluid is clear of cancer cells!!!!  Nicolas is home from "Nurse Nana's" and the house is full of wonderful noise.  He lost his first tooth while at Nana's.  Nana told him that the tooth fairy that visits her house only leaves a quarter, so he brought his tooth home to place under his pillow because he was hoping for "20 bucks"!  Paul is busy with football and baseball.  He is enjoying football although I am not liking the bruises he comes home with.  
Life is good!  Really, really good!


Unknown said...

These are so beautiful! Love to hear that Emilie is doing so well at home. Tell Paul, "Football?!!!!" I would've never guessed from the baseball star!

Linda, Jim, & Dana said...

Oh, Ericksons! Great photos, great news! We are happy to know the recent updates. You are always in our prayers. Love you!!

Auntie Vicki said...

love the latest photo and of course all the news. Love you guys. On the road again. See you soon.