Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home At Last!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!  Oh, what a happy day it was when the docs told us we can go home for a while.  It was initially discussed that we would be moving to the Palo Alto Ronald McDonald House which was "okay", but Emilie's doctors thought she was doing well enough to go all the way home.  Emilie has been home for 12 days now which has been wonderful.  I was a little super nervous at first and worried about everything.  Worried about fevers, worried about administering the IV antibiotic, worried that I wouldn't hear her in the night, worried that the house wasn't clean enough, worried about the boys getting too close to her...Yes, I am a little nuts!  We have made the adjustment pretty well considering Emilie is still not able to walk.  I should actually say that Emilie has made the adjustment pretty well in that she is so positive and patient.  Her upper body is getting really strong which makes our job of moving and helping her with daily tasks pretty easy.  We have stayed home with the exception of our 4 visits/week to Stanford for clinic appointments and physical therapy appointments.  Emilie's counts are still very low and we didn't want to bring her out to a crowded, germ-infested location.  She is itching to go shopping, but that will have to wait a while.  Sadly, Paul came down with a high fever on Wednesday, so we banished him and Nicolas to my mom's.  It has been hard for the whole family with the boys being gone.  They so want to hang out with Emilie and just "do life" at home rather than at the hospital. 
Emilie will have her next bone marrow aspirate and lumbar puncture on Tuesday with her next chemo starting Friday.  Please pray that her results come back negative and that her next chemo treatment goes smoothly. 


drewsmom said...

Yeah! That is great to hear. We can't wait to see you guys again. I'll call you soon.


Dori said...

Glad you are enjoying some time at home! Keeping those germs at bay is a hard task. We still have costo size hand sanitizer on every surface in each room. Hopefully the boys will be better soon and able to spend time with Emilie. Keeping you in our thoughts for the upcoming LP and Chemo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erickson family! Glad to hear Emilie has been home and enjoying her own bed's the little things you miss when you're at the hospital. Yes, keep those germs away!! Love you all and praying for an uneventful procedures..XXooXX!
Love, The Merlos..

Anonymous said...

Definitely keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Emilie is a tough cookie so it's only fitting you took shots of making cookies together! LOVE IT. Big hugs to everyone and sending positive thoughts that the results are good and all goes smoothly. :)
Pascale & Family

Shanny said...

TOO COOL! I bet being home feels so good. Good rest and dog time. A happy time indeed. What a bummer for the boys, but it is so fabulous to have a family so great that everyone just wants things to be "normal." It means that "normal" is pretty fantastic.

We love you guys and never stop thinking about you.

Love and love and love and love,
Shannon & Roy & Dogs

grenier2 said...

Sounds AWESOME Patti!!! Please know that I think of Emilie and the family DAILY! GIANT hugs all around... xoxoxo Danielle, Matt, and Jordan