Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Normal" Is So Overrated!

**Update  8/22 @ 2:13 pm**
Nicolas' blood test came back NORMAL!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
We have redefined normal in our family.  Actually, everyday "normal" takes on a new meaning.  Today our "normal" is....
Nicolas is still sick with a fever and some "junk" in his lungs and is now on a second antibiotic.  We requested a blood test just because we are overly concerned.  He is still banished to Nana's where he is well taken care of, loved and nourished.  My mom is and always has been a great nurse; lots of sodas, popsicles, saltine crackers and TV. Nicolas has been living with my mom for almost a week and just told my mom today that he hasn't seen his mom in FIVE days. Makes me sad!  Please pray that Nicolas' blood test comes back fine and that the second antibiotic works.  Please also pray that Nana stays healthy and sane!
Paul's "normal" is living here during the days and then going to our local motel to swim and spend the night with Grandma Marlene.  She has been here for a week helping out and is now at Costco with Paul getting things we will need for the week.  Paul has been going to football during the week, mowing our lawns and hanging out with his friends.
Emilie's "normal" is actually pretty normal for Emilie.  She continues to do well at home: no fever and no sickness.  She had a visit from the Make-A-Wish organization this morning and is so excited for her "wish".  Emilie continues to have a great attitude and is so full of spunky goodness despite not being able to walk.  She sings and laughs almost all day.  Amazing!  I just love this girl and her attitude encourages and inspires me every day!
Eric and I have never been normal...enough said!  Really, I have been having a difficult time with Nicolas being sick, Emilie's challenges, not connecting much with Paul and generally being totally out of control.  The "funk" has finally departed and a first hospital memory came to mind.  The early morning that we were admitted to LPCH intensive care unit we had a very sweet, comforting nurse that was wearing a bracelet that read "Be still and know that I am God".  That was the first thing I saw when she examined Emilie.  Amongst the chaos, God let me know that He was there with us!  This is a verse that I need to have tattooed on my arm!

Be still and know that I am God!
Psalm 46:10



Eva said...

I just took the time to re-read Emilie's story... I was thinking about you guys tonight.

When I was 14 my brother had an accident and was paralyzed. He spend 5 months in the hospital recovering and my mom stayed with him the whole time {living at the local Ronald McDonald House}. My dad, sister and I lived there on the weekends. I became very familiar with the hospital and it has become part of 'my story' as I'm sure this experience will for your sons Paul and Nicolas.

I still pray for Emilie often {for her to be healed completely, for her to regain the full use of her legs, for her positive outlook} and will now add Nicolas to the list :-) And you Patti... it takes a lot of strength to raise and family in a hospital, keep your marriage strong, and keep your eyes on the Lord.

May God bless your week.

~ Eva.

Anonymous said...

Emilie you are a lucky girl to have your mom be Mr. Ward. Your mom will be a great teacher; I can still remember her reading the dictionary for fun when we worked together so many years ago. She is a funny mom. Hang tough, lots love and prayers coming to you.
With love, Catherine