Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Back To School Monkeys

Every year on the first day of school, the "back to school monkeys" arrive.  They visit for a quick 10 minutes and then they are off to the zoo school.  "Back to school" is a bit different today.  Paul (8th grade) and Nicolas (1st grade) will be going back to school and Emilie will be starting at the "Erickson Academy".  As the boys got their backpacks and supplies ready, Emilie organized her desk with her school supplies, text books and workbooks.  The kids' school, Baymonte Christian School, has been very helpful and accommodating regarding Emilie's education.  I will be her teacher while she is at home and at the hospital.  Her real teacher, Mr. Ward, is super (he was Paul's 5th grade teacher as well)!  Emilie is really excited to get back to school and experience 5th grade with Mr. Ward and her friends.  Paul does a great impression of Mr. Ward ("Mr. Ward, Mr. Ward, my brain is on fire!") which I'm sure he will say to Emilie daily. We are truly blessed to have the support and love from the Baymonte staff as well as the Baymonte families!
Love this...Emilie's posing and the boys are goofing around.  So typical!


Eva said...

Exciting stuff.. our kids start next week Tuesday. What curriculum do your kids have at their Christian school? BTW.. our kids are currently getting a package ready to send to Emilie.. would you like us to send it to the Hospital {the address I originally got from you} or to your home now that Emilie is spending some time at home?

Shanny said...

These pictures crack me up. It seems that with a bunch like that, you'd never stop laughing. Nicolas's face just cracks me up.

Love you so much. I have three letters in my purse getting stale because I forget to pop them in the mail. Two will be out of date, but they'll arrive soon!