Saturday, September 25, 2010

Helpie Helperton

This morning Emilie was a little nauseous and had some vomiting.  Nicolas was hovering while I was helping her.  He left the room and came back 15 minutes later with a clipboard in hand.  The above reads: "EmiliE brFe one. Two.".  Translation: Emilie barf one two.  I keep a daily log of Emilie's meds, food and fluid intake, temperature and miscellaneous notes (such as vomiting, etc.) and it seems that someone has been watching me....and watching me very closely.  Thank you Helpie.  You are truly a sweet, caring kid!


Aunt Linda said...

This is sweet beyond words! What a wonderful brother! I hope Emilie is now feeling better.

Love you all,

Dori Patrick said...

Hi Mrs. E! Thanks for visiting my blog! So good to hear from you. What a sweet, wonderful family you have!

Eva said...

Awww. he's sweet. I hope Emilie is feeling better! How are you these days?