Friday, September 10, 2010

Rad + Awesome = Rawsome

Emilie loves to cook and had a last minute idea to play "Chopped" at home.  Nana was at the store picking up some groceries for us when Emilie called her to bring home three mystery ingredients.  Nana brought home a white cake mix, chocolate chips and walnuts.  She went to town making a white cupcake topped with faux chocolate ganache and a candied walnut.  The girl loves to create in the kitchen!

Out of the blue, Emilie told me that it was "so rad and awesome" that she has been home 25 days without getting sick.  I agreed and together we called it "RAWSOME".  The "rawsomeness" will come to an end on Monday when she goes in for her second to last chemo treatment.  I guess it's really still "rawsome" in that we can see the light at the end of the chemo tunnel.  She will be having a high dose chemo, so please pray that her little body handles it well and that she has no funky side effects.


Mrs. Kitch said...

Patti-you are so creative!! Until I clicked on the picture, I thought Em had really won a contest on the Food Network! It wouldn't surprise me, she is so talented! Please let her know that my new batch of 4th graders are praying for her every day! Your neighbor's son, Shen Thomas, is in my class this year.

Auntie Vicki said...

Moist eyes again. You two are too "rawsome". So proud of the two of you. I am amazed and so greatful for all the progress. You rock Em. I love your spirit. It is such a great example of God at work. Love you two.

Anonymous said...

I love that term. I'll be sure to introduce it to our home vocab! And, as always, prayers being sent your way for her next treatment. BIG HUGS! GO Emilie!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Emilie! Are you watching the great food truck race? It's our favorite show. Caroline wants the Nom Nom truck to win but I want Spencer on the Go. It's funny because Sunset now has a "Chopped" like contest. They give you 3 ingredients and you have to create a recipe that can be made in under 45 minutes. I entered last month -- the items were sausage, peppers and broccoli. Hopefully I will win $500! I know you are so strong and will do just great next week. We talk about you all the time here at the Mits house! Take care. Love Anne