Thursday, September 23, 2010

Run Forest Run!

We are home again! Yippee!  When we are discharged, I feel like Forest Gump running out of the hospital but lugging duffel bags, a backpack, a laptop, a purse and pushing Emilie in a wheelchair!  Comical!

Speaking of running and walking, I'd like to share two very special people with you.  First up is our wonderful cousin-in-law / Aunt Jen!  Aunt Jen is running to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and is doing a great job in training for her first half marathon!!  Here is a bit from her fundraising page.
Hello Everyone,
Thank you so much for visiting my Team in Training (TNT) fundraising website. I joined TNT in an effort to help raise money for blood cancer research and in honor of my ten year old niece, Emilie, who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Please revisit this website to check for updates on my progress in training for the Nike half marathon in San Francisco.
Thank you in advance for your donation and your support.
Go visit her fundraising page!

Second up is Chandra!
Chandra is essentially a stranger (friend of Auntie Steph's) who has taken Emilie as her personal honoree and is "walking like a girl to save lives!!"  Here is a bit from her fundraising page. 
Welcome family and friends to my Team In Training/Leukemia Society (TNT/LLS) 2010 home page!!

Sunday, September 19th.
WOW....4 weeks and counting until the Nike Women's Marathon. I cannot believe it is almost here!! This season's team is amazing and being Honoree Captain this season has brought the meaning of the cause so much closer to my heart. Bringing our honoree's stories to the team has given all of us the extra push we need to train each Saturday morning (bright and early) and to fund raise. We have been so fortunate to have some of our honorees come out to our trainings to not only help out at water stops but some also are able to train with us. What an inspiration they are to us. This season we have 2 children who are team honorees, Emilie who is 10 and Dylan who is 8. I long for the day we find a one should endure having cancer but especially not a child.
Thank you for joining in my efforts to find a cure!!!!
Go visit her fundraising page and read more of her story. 

As recipients of leading edge leukemia treatments, we know how critical it is to fund programs in order to continue research and find a cure for leukemia and lymphoma.  Speaking of leading edge treatments, we just found out that Emilie will be undergoing Natural Killer Cell Therapy in St. Jude's Hospital in Tennessee.  She will have this treatment after her final chemo treatment at LPCH.  This is truly a blessing as not everyone can get this treatment. It turns out that my natural killer cells will be used in Emilie's blood to kill any cancer cells that are hanging around.  It has been used on ten kids and has been successful on all ten. Emilie will be the first patient from LPCH to undergo this treatment.  We are very excited and very grateful that this treatment is available for Emilie.

So, that's the excitement for the week!  Run Jen Run!  Walk Chandra Walk!

Please consider making a donation to LLS by visiting either Jen's or Chandra's fundraising page. 

We appreciate you Jen and Chandra and are grateful for your LLS fundraising efforts.


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