Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gulfstream 777EE to San Francisco Tower....

...requesting immediate landing due to impatience.  
Emilie is still in the hospital waiting for her counts to recover.  Emilie is keeping busy with school and activities at the Forever Young Zone.  (I'm still waiting for Steve Young to drop in while we are busy making tissue paper flowers.)  School is great here.  Emilie is able to work on her Baymonte curriculum with (almost) one on one attention.  She loves it and even wants to go to the morning session which is saying alot as she is not an early riser. 
Some time ago our family was discussing something (don't even remember what) and Emilie stated, "It's not all about me?".  Such an amazing statement coming from her and it got me thinking about life and getting back to our "regularly scheduled program".  Yes, our life is different now and yes, it will probably continue to change, but it is not about just one of us.  Emilie is correct, it's about all of us; all 5 of us!  So, here we go...back to the original "The Erickson All-Stars" blog and what better way to start with a couple shots of Nicolas and Paul and their street graffiti.

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