Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Because It's Orange October!

We are still in the hospital...waiting, patiently waiting for Emilie's counts to recover. We have even started to do the "Bone Marrow Dance" and have seen her WBC (white blood count) go from 0.2 to 0.4. Nothing to do with the Bone Marrow Dance, but rather God's hand at work.

As our my patience is tested, our gratitude list continues to grow.....
**Emilie's attitude and appetite are still great and she has been fever free since we were admitted.
**Emilie is attending Stanford (hospital school that is) and getting caught up with her school work.  Her classmates vary in grades from 5th to 12th and she really loves going to school with the big kids.  She even wants to hang out in the cafeteria with the kids between school sessions.  She told me I could be in the cafeteria too, but that I had to sit far away.  Boo Hoo!
**Emilie is getting multiple physical therapy treatments per day.
**Emilie and I are doing some fun art projects at the Forever Young Zone daily.  I'm still waiting to see Steve Young.
**We have seen lots of Giants baseball and have made fast friends with our nurses who are also Giants fans.

Emilie will have her next IT chemo/LP on Friday as well as a bone marrow aspirate.  Please pray that the IT chemo does not have any funky effects on Emilie and that we get to go home in the near future.

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