Saturday, November 13, 2010

Box+Tube+Magnifying Glass+Curiosity=Budding Photographer

Last week Nicolas came home with the Super Scientist backpack from his class.  His assignment was to choose an experiment, practice it home and then demonstrate it to his class.  Before Nana picked him up from school, he had chosen the "Construct a Camera" experiment.  I really thought he would have chosen something that exploded or oozed, but no, he went for the camera.  With the help of dad, Nicolas built his camera from a cardboard tube, empty tissue box, magnifying glass, vellum and tape.  He donned the super scientist coat and gave me a few shots of his creation.  His teacher was thrilled with his selection as he was the first child to build a camera.  Nice Nic, nice!!!
You can actually see the inverted image that appeared on the vellum.


Unknown said...

I'm impressed! I can barely take a picture with my cel phone camera, much less an empty toilet paper tube. This kid's MacGyver!
-Uncle Koo

Auntie Martha said...

Too neat, Nicolas!!! I'd love the directions. I love the idea of students bring home a Super Scientist backpack. What fun for the entire family!!!!

Unknown said...

I can barely use a real camera. Thats amazing that you made one. How did you do it.
Analee and Suzi Josselyn