Thursday, November 18, 2010

Farmer McNugget and The Interview

I am happy to introduce to you....Farmer McNugget.  Nicolas was Farmer McNugget in his Thanksgiving play at school and he was a super cute farmer.  The whole family, including Nana, was able to make his performance and he was so happy to see everyone in the crowd.  Nicolas was standing next to a little boy during his performance and he told me that he helps him in class from time to time.  I asked him why he helps him and he simply answered "he needs help".  No judgement, no criticism, no nothing!  Just simply "he needs help".  What a lesson I learned today from Nicolas:  don't complain, don't question, don't judge...just help!  Thank you God for using Farmer McNugget to show me how to love and serve selflessly!
Emilie was happy to be back at school for Nicolas' performance.  She was able to see her classmates, Mr. Ward and teachers from previous years.  She was so perky after visiting school.  She is looking forward to returning in January.  Today was Emilie's big interview with  Mrs. Siemsen.  Mrs. Siemsen asked Emilie about her cancer, how it has changed her, and how was life in a wheelchair.  Emilie answered that she is not afraid of anything now, that her faith has grown and that being in a wheelchair is not much different that not being in a wheelchair.  Emilie continues to amaze me with her positive, non-complaining attitude.  God has really given her a great attitude through this journey and I am so proud of her perseverence and courage.
Go Emilie Go!
(Yucky shots in low light with high ISO....Santa, if you are listening, a new camera, lens, etc. would be greatly appreciated.)Photobucket

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