Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mosquitos and Fried Okra

This morning we were told that the chemo and subsequent NK therapy was on hold due to Emilie testing positive for the West Nile Virus.   West Nile Virus?   How crazy is that?  We see one mosquito a month in Scotts Valley.  What we learned was that WNV can cause havoc, very serious havoc, in patients with compromised immune systems.  The NK therapy uses immune suppression to ready the body to accept the NK cells; Emilie's counts are looking great now, but the chemo would drop her counts quickly.  Eric and I were very upset that this therapy would not be an option for Emilie. As I sat here, a little irritated with visits from infectious disease docs, nuerologists and oncologists, I reminded myself that God is in charge even in the midst of total chaos and confusion.  I entrusted Emilie and her medical treatment to God.  Still irritated and a little angry, I thought through the logistics of packing our belongings here at the hospital and at the RMH, returning a rental car not at the airport, hitching a ride to the airport and then managing my Supergirl through the airport, through (annoying) security and on the airplane by myself.  Questions from Eric that I couldn't answer were irritating me too.  I couldn't wait until the attending oncologist came through the door so that I could give him Eric's phone number so that he could answer all his questions.  Six hours after the WNV news, the doc did walk through the door with the news that Emilie's WNV results were recorded in error and that, in fact, she was tested negative for the WNV.  Tears of happiness flowed and I was so full of gratitude that God was still really in control and that Emilie would still have the opportunity to have the NK treatment.  Both Emilie and I have more testing, but are so close to the end.  Emilie started her chemo today and did great with her first dose.  She still has a great appetite...that's where the fried okra comes in.  Dinner for Miss Emilie tonight consisted of a huge hot dog, chocolate shake, a push up and fried okra.    So y'all, I leave you with this scripture, which I posted as a self-reminder but if it works for you...RIGHT ON!  (Please no grammatical judgement from all our wonderful readers in education.)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had to go through the initial stress and confusion of that ordeal but so relieved that everything worked out in the end. Continuing to send lots of love and prayers your way. Hugs to Emilie (and you) from us!

Anonymous said...

I love you Patti! I did not mean to irritate you. Eric

Linda said...

Oh, Patti! Reading this latest was like riding on a bad roller coaster and I was so happy to get to the end where it was totally different from the beginning!!!

We continue to pray for you...all y'all (as we say here)and are glad to see that Emilie still has a good appetite. Even if it does include fried okra!

Stay strong and please know if we can help you we can be there.