Sunday, November 28, 2010

We L O V E Ronald McDonald And His House In Memphis

We arrived in TN last Monday and it has been a crazy week of tests, appts, tests, appts, tests and appts.  The first three days here were super busy, but the last few days have been pretty relaxing.  We will be going inpatient tomorrow for a week and then back to the Ronald McDonald House where we have been staying since our arrival.  Lots of words are flowing through my head, but I'll let these photos do the talking. 
These girls spent some time chatting with us.  They were with a church from KY that served lunch to the families of RMH.  Very sweet and kind girls.  The girl on the left talked to Emilie about cancer and chemo and told her that she understood because her dad had cancer.  She told Emilie that she would pray for her.  Such a composed and mature girl, especially at the age of 13 and without a dad.
The following shots were taken by Emilie around RMH.  I love her perspective!  This swing shot is my favorite.



Linda said...

My fave of the photos is the rocking chairs. Guess "the South" is getting into my blood now!

LOVED spending time with you both on Friday and we were happy to see how well Em is doing. We pray for you all always, but will add some extra ones for this inpatient week.

Hope to get to visit with you again before you go back to CA and we will be in touch after this week is done.

Love you,

Auntie Martha said...

So glad you were able to spend time with Linda. It is great that you and Emilie were able to do some fun things. FANTASTIC photos, Em!!! Lots of love, hugs, and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Love Emilie's photos! What a natural talent she has! Sending you much love!