Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Little Monkey Business

Emilie and I visited the Memphis Zoo this last weekend and had a blast.  The monkeys were the most fun to watch.  This monkey came up to the window to see us and I am guessing it was a "she" because she was so darn friendly and cute.  She knocked on the window to get Emilie's attention (missed that shot) and then she sat and gazed at Emilie.  Emilie then put her hand to the glass and the monkey did the same.  So sweet!  When I had Emilie turn to me, the monkey knocked on the window again to get Emilie's attention back.  Emilie just loved this interaction and I loved seeing it.  Thanks nice Memphis monkey!
Erickson boys, you are going to love this.  This monkey was a little bid odd, but seemingly pretty smart.  It was by luck that I got these shots.  This monkey obviously stepped in something (my guess...poop), stopped to look at it and then smelled it.  Yucko! Here is where the monkey put her smart hat on....she found some gift basket filler to wipe it off with. Very funny; Emilie and I got a huge laugh out of this monkey!

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