Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celebrate, It's EOT Day!

On Monday, Emilie went to Stanford for an LP, BMA and IT chemo....standard procedures.  As our nurse was going through the "pre-procedure checklist", the NP that was actually doing the procedure came in and declared "EOT".  EOT?  Yes, that is right, it was END OF TREATMENT day!  Seven months after Emilie's diagnosis and she is finally done with treatment!!!  The clinic visits and procedures will continue but the chemo gets to stay in the pharmacy!  We are thankful to God that we have endured for the last seven months and that Emilie's test results have all come back negative.  Emilie is scheduled for a MRI tonight to check the status of her legs.  We are seeing improvement; please pray that the MRI also shows nerve restoration.  Emilie is doing well in all areas.  She is actually enjoying reading again and loves her newest class reading  assignment. She has a wonderful appetite which makes my Italian heart very, very happy!   Emilie is wrestling with Nicolas, crawling through the house and even keeping up during our weekly Nerf gun wars.  Her hair is growing back and it's resembling the Erickson boys' buzz cuts!  Life is good! Really, really good.
I found the above photo while looking through photos of Emilie from June and I thought it was perfect.  The beautiful floral arrangement was from our friends "The Mitts" and I love how our "celebrate" is in the background.....CELEBRATE LIFE!Photobucket


Eva said...

That's great news. I will pray for her legs to be restored to full function. Yeah for Emilie!

Unknown said...

We are all celebrating with lots of happy, awe inspired tears!!! Thank you LORD!
The Josselyns

Mrs. Kitch said...

Wow! Just shared this with our class. What a beautiful day. Please let Em know I love her and am very happy to hear her great news!

Anonymous said...

Happy EOT Day to all of you! What great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Auntie Martha

Linda said...

This is wonderful to read!!! Prayers have been answered. I look forward to hearing good news about Emilie's legs, too.
Love you all,