Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We are O V E R W H E L M E D!  Not by our daily life of school, therapy, sports, homework, preparing dinner, cleaning house or grocery shopping, but overwhelmed with GRATITUDE.  Gratitude to God for His provisions, blessings and grace.  We are also so grateful for so many wonderful people who have shown God's love to us by supporting our family.  Specifically, our gratitude for the staff, students and families at Baymonte Christian School.  This post has been in my head since Emilie went back to school at the end of January, but it's been hard to post.  When Emilie went back to school, I felt like I was taking my first born to his first day of Kindergarten....nervous, anxious, sad!  Was she going to be okay in her wheelchair?  Would her classmates shun her?   Would kids make fun of her very short hair?  I sat in my car in the school parking lot with my cell phone clenched in my hand waiting for the call....the call that signaled "Help".  No call came.  I sat in my car in the school parking lot strategically parked so that I could see Emilie during lunch in the event that she needed "Help".  No red flag waved.  I finally dropped Emilie off at school yesterday and left the campus to run errands with my cell phone still clenched in my call came.  I came to the realization that the staff, students and parents who supported and loved on our family during Emilie's treatment are the same staff, students and parents who are loving on Emilie and ensuring that she is safe at school. 

Words can not adequately express the amount of gratitude that we have for everyone at Baymonte and for the love they have shown us in so many different ways.
We are thankful that our kids attend a school where the staff sincerely cares about their students and prays for their students.
We are thankful that the staff are accommodating Emilie and her needs.
We are thankful that the Student Council is selling "Emilie" bracelets to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
We are thankful that Emilie's classmates love her and help her.
We are thankful that Emilie was interviewed for a "Better Together" video by a couple of wonderfully sweet Baymonte moms.
We are thankful that "the boys" have been looked after by parents and staff.
We are thankful that the staff assisted "Nana" during our absence.
We are thankful that a Baymonte mom is running the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and has chosen Emilie as her honoree.
We are thankful that Emilie's friends "run" with her and make her feel "normal".
We are thankful that Baymonte families loved on Emilie during her treatment with "happy care packages".
We are thankful that parents and staff not only ask how Emilie is doing, but ask how our whole family is doing.

Thank you Baymonte staff, parents and students!  We have been challenged emotionally, physically and spiritually, but our hearts are happy due to your compassionate actions, your kind words and your endless prayers!

Always be joyful.
Never stop praying.
Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Auntie Vicki said...

beautiful post. Moist eyes of gratitude too. Look at the love in that photo. Priceless!

Eva said...

That's wonderful. I'm so glad for you and for Emilie that she was excepted well in school. I'm also glad you posted.. you hadn't for a while :-).

Auntie Martha said...

I, too, am glad you posted. I was wondering if Emilie returned to school, and, if so, how everything was going. I am so happy for all of you!!! I am also happy for Emilie's classmates because I know how much students miss one of their own.

Unknown said...

Your stories always encourage us where we are and motivate us to do more. Thanks for seeing the things that truly matter to our LORD!

drewsmom said...

We are so grateful to have Emilie back at school and glad that you guys are all doing well. We experienced much of the same feelings and worries when Emily was sick and it is certainly an amazing experience to be at Baymonte. I too worried about teasing or shunning and everyone was accepting. I love that you can show up on campus and instantly be able to find 5 people (or more :) that are willing to pray for you. Love reading your posts.