Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baseball, Meat Trays, Funerals and Gratitude

I get lots of ideas for blog posts while just doing life.  Today as I watched the Giants game and the after game show, I got one more thought for this long overdue post.  The announcers were talking about Ryan Vogelsong, the old guy, almost has-been pitcher for the Giants, who obviously has never given up.  Never give up!  This is a family phrase that we have said for many years, but especially for the last year.  Never give up!  We, especially Emilie, have been on a wild ride this year, but we have never given up.  Never given up on God, never given up hope, never given up our faith....never given up.  When Emilie was diagnosed last year, I tried to explain the situation to the boys.  I explained that Emilie was a 2 strike hitter and she was battling at the plate.  Each successful treatment, MRI, procedure, etc. was a foul tip and she was waiting for that perfect pitch that would put her safely on base.  We are all "2 strike hitters" in this life, so never give up. 

This month is a month of celebration.  Celebrating life, family, birthdays and graduation.  Paul is graduating middle school and we are so proud of him.  It has been a crappy year for him and he has dealt with it beautifully.   As I was at our local market ordering a meat tray for the graduation ceremony, a lady next to me was ordering food for a funeral. I thought, wow, I could be here ordering food for a funeral, but God has given us another year of life.  Life that is not taken for granted.  Life that is celebrated daily. it!

One year ago today, we faced a very scary diagnosis.  In looking back, I am grateful.  Not for the diagnosis or the stuff we had to deal with, but for the Grace that God gave us to live minute by minute with hope and faith.  We have learned to be grateful in all things and to wake up and experience the blessings in life.

Go out and live life big, love on people just because and wake up to the blessings all around you!! Photobucket


Auntie Vicki said...

God's grace. Determination, what a wonderful recognition for Em's determination and never giving up! I am so in awe of this year for all of you. To witness the blessings during the trials has been a blessing. Love you PEPPENS......

Auntie Vicki said...

So looking forward to Paul's school! We were just going to his Kindergarten graduation. Time marches on.

Auntie Martha said...

Beautifully said. Thanks.

Linda said...

All so well put. I have printed this out (a couple of copies) to have in special places to remind me...of it all.

Love to you all,