Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Eees A Luuuv Day"

I met a man in the community kitchen yesterday and we started talking.  I was really not in the mood to talk as I was just "done", but God nudged me to pop out of my shell and at least say "hello".  The "hello" was followed by asking how his child was doing and he told me that his 3 year old daughter just had her transplant yesterday.  I learned that he also had a "frosting", his 2 year old daughter who was the perfect match for his older daughter.  Sweet!!  He then asked about our story.  I told him everything, with the exception of the exact day of transplant because really, not many men are interested in specific details (Hi Eric!).  So, the first thing he asked was "what was the transplant date".  I told him the 14th...he thought, got a bit teary and then replied "Eees a luuuv day!".   You are right, fellow transplant parent, it was a love day!!!  Thank you God for taking me out of my isolation zone and blessing me with another "frosting" story of hope!

It seems time really flies here in the hospital which is one of God's blessings!  Much has happened since our last update.  Emilie is doing very well.  The official opening of her new bone marrow factory, or engraftment, was March 1.  Her platelets are also rising on their own, which is a very good thing.  The doctors are very happy with her progress.  One of our attending docs has told Emilie a couple times that she must tell Nicolas that "he has really great bone marrow". Ha!  Because of engrafting, Emilie is off of antibiotics and because the muscositis has cleared up, she is able to take most of her meds by mouth.  More good things!  Emilie is also recovering from extremely large blisters on her feet.  The radiation/chemo combo did a number and caused baseball size blisters on both feet.  Thankfully, they are healing well.  Her mouth, throat and foot pain has subsided, so they took her off morphine and are now weaning her off another pain med.  Today, the docs said that if she can take more fluids by mouth and eat a bit, they will send us off to live with Ronald McDonald.  More goodness!  The Emilie we know and love is back as of three days ago...awake during the day, chatty, smiling, doing crafts, doing school with her teacher from LPCH, etc.  Cancer treatment is really a crazy ride, so it's nice when we see some normalcy return.

Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful Father, the God from whom ALL help comes! He helps us in ALL our troubles, so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from God.  2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Because I have a hard time posting without a three "frostings"!!


Auntie Vicki said...

Great post, great news and praying for all the families with frosting stories. Ronald is a waiting for you guys. You are amazing Patti and God is good. Loving you....

Eva said...

So good to hear good news. Keep it coming Emily!

Mary McConnell said...

Yes Emilie! So proud of you pulling through that agony like a champ! Same to your mom what a superstar she is! Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily!

Martha said...

Patti,this is an absolutey wonderful post. I agree with Auntie Vicki, you are amazing! Prayers continue for all of you!

Linda said...

Love the post; love the good news; and love the pics of your three "frostings". They are a great top to your fabulous family "cake". You have no idea how the strength of your family has spread to others.
We love and continue to pray for you all.