Monday, April 23, 2007

Double Digits!

It's true, Paul is now 10 years old! Where did the years go?? We spent his birthday as follows: bfast at Auntie Mames, church, lunch and Boardwalk, dinner at Cilantros and then back home for ice cream with candles. What a great day! We love you Paul!!!!
Lunch stayed in after this ride, the Double Shot, at the Boardwalk! Amazing! Paul is destined to be a jet jock!

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'd Rather Have a 7!

What a day, celebrating Emilie's 7th birthday! This year was a "small" birthday party year; no friends, ponies, jumpy houses, etc. Just us! It was a quiet day starting out with breakfast at a local breakfast joint, a lunch of sushi (Emilie's favorite), a trip to the movie theater to see the Robinson's, dinner at Chili's followed by ice cream cones (instead of cake) and opening presents! Lots of fun! We love you Emilie!

Friday, April 6, 2007


Man of sorrows
Well acquainted with grief
Drug down to the city dump
Spread eagle on a cross beam
Propped up like a scarecrow
Nailed like a thief
There for all the world to see
You wore the chains so I could be free
Yeah, yeah Oh Lord, you did that for me
Oh Lord, you did that for me
You wore the chains so I could be free!

Partial lyrics of You Did That For Me by Sara Groves

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Okay, Where Did March Go??

Our little baby is growing up!!!! Sandy is almost 7 months old now (above photo is at 8 weeks old) and is such a great dog. We are really fortunate that we have her! The kids love her and even Grumpy (Eric) loves her! She is a keeper!

It is springtime here in CA! Emilie couldn't resist picking some (okay, the only flowers) flowers from our front yard and I couldn't help but take a few photos of her.

Everyone better take a seat for this one. The big news of the year is that the Erickson home is now a cleaner, allergen free home. WE HAVE LAMINATE FLOORING. Why, oh why didn't we do this sooner. What a treat! Everyone loves it!

Baseball season has begun and we are all having a great time. Emilie is playing A ball and Paul is playing AAA ball. Emilie has a personal batting coach and has since improved greatly with her hitting. At her game tonight she went 3 for 3 and even smacked a beauty to left field. Oh, and in case you are wondering, her personal batting coach is big brother Paul. He has been very helpful in showing Emilie some batting tips, including tapping her bat on the bottom of her cleat!! Paul is doing great too. This year he is mostly catching. Flipped me out in the beginning, but he is doing very well at it. It is a good position for Paul because it keeps his mind working and thinking!
This photo was taken on opening day! What a beautiful day in SV! Last year it rained on opening day and then through April. We even wore shorts and flip flops in March! Woo Hoo!

Since Paul is now playing catcher and Emilie has played catcher for a few games, Nicolas thinks that he is also a catcher. He usually dons the extra catchers gear during Emilie's games and plays catch with Eric. What a crack up!
A little monkey business...and an April fool's meal of sushi from Cafe du Mom!