Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Firmly Established Over Time

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as in rooted
firmly established over time

A very wise friend told me "You don't need a home to be settled". This was shared with me in the middle of selling our home and moving to a rental home with the future mostly being unknown. I was taken aback by this comment. As a "nester", I felt I needed a home; something that was familiar, a structure that was comfortable, a space where my family could come together, rest, and be happy. 

Homeownership is an American dream and as a realtor and investor, I fully believe that owning one or multiple homes is financially wise.  After selling our previous primary residence, and renting for a short period, my husband and I did indeed purchase a primary home last year. 

Great, we have the home, but are we settled?  Yes, we have a place of shelter and comfort which is sufficient for our current needs, but settled? 

My friend was absolutely correct that "you don't need a home to be settled"! The notion that owning a home will make you feel settled is not reality. Feelings of instability and uncertainty are feelings that we struggle with. Adding an "empty nesters" status makes it doubly difficult; however, our intention is to focus on stability and comfort in other areas of our lives whether it be our careers, family relationships, travel, or service to others. 

Through wrestling with this thought, I have come to know that feeling settled is not a house or a living situation. Regardless of our homeownership status or our circumstances, it is truly possible to be content and peaceful! 

Feeling settled is a choice!

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