Sunday, October 29, 2023

Filling the Void

When my daughter left for college five years ago, I had a really difficult time. I missed her terribly. I missed her chirpy attitude. I missed her constant singing. I missed her laughter. I was worried about her. Would she like her roommate? How would she do in her classes? Would she make friends? Would she be homesick? I certainly didn't have the same concerns when my oldest son went off to college. I missed him too, but it was different.  It's different sending your only daughter off into the big world. 

To cope with the change, I made treats for her and her roommates and friends.  Being creative for the various holidays was my way of coping. It filled the void. It kept me connected in a weird, distant way. It reminded my daughter and her friends that they were loved and it was good.

This Halloween bucket was one of the things I sent to my daughter and her friends. Just a simple bucket filled with a succulent pumpkin and various seasonal treats from Trader Joes.


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